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Computer Bridge

I have been tooling around with a couple of ideas to get our club members more involved in point-generating oportunities, and also to do away with the dreaded six-board sit-out, which will be back sometime this Winter. And yes, Winter is coming. Both of these ideas involve the use of computers to play hands, more specifically, through Bridge Base Online.


A BBO Hand, 2 NT Anyone?

Earning more points

The ACBL, within the last couple of years, has allowed Regional Tournies to offer and on-line, Gold point game. Clubs can sign-on to offer the games, and players can earn gold from from the comfort of their own clubs. The opponents are other humans, and the games are played at a specified time through BBO. The games need to be set-up in advance by the club, and are held under the supervision of a director. The fees for these games would be higher than those we usually charge.

I have offered to run these these games, if there is an interest in them. Management has not yet been interested, so I am wondering if there is an interest among our members. Please let me know.  It could be done even for just a pair or two.

Playing during sit-outs

The July ACBL Bulletin discussed how to use BBO to play the sit-out’s hands during games. I have volunteered to be responsible, assuming an interest. Management has demurred, citing the difficulties the club has had with the Bridgemates.  We all hope these difficulties will be over soon, but in fact, Bridgemates are not required for this, only BBO.

To do this, a table is set-up with two computers or tablets that are logged in to BBO. The computers display the hands and the play proceeds against Robots. After play, the scores are recorded in the usual club fashion. Most importantly, no one is required to use this option unless they want to.  If one or two pairs decide not to play against BBO, they would get factored scores for the hands equal to the average percentage they got on all the hands they actually played. This is the same way ACBL factors  for sit-outs.

Even before adopting this, the club could set up a computer or two for people to use if they want to learn how to use BBO while they are sitting out.

I would be most intersted to hear from those who might have an interest in pursuing these options.


If you have an interest in learning how to play on BBO, I recently found a guide for getting started. There is no cost involved unless you want to play in tournaments. If you would like a copy of this guide, please let me know.

— Victoria (Not speaking for the club.)