Monthly Archives: August, 2017

Reminder: Thurs. Time Change

The game on Thursday has been returned to a 12:30 start time. This change was voted on last week because of traffic concerns for players who live at a distance. Please remember to allow time for parking before the game. If the lunch is popular, the parking lot may fill early and you may need to park on the street.


Stopping the Stop Cards

A report by District 18 about the Toronto NABC board action, included this bit about the use of the stop card:

“You may have heard about the elimination of the Stop Card. This motion passed and will come into effect January 1, 2018. Between now and then there will be an emphasis placed on educating players that everyone should pause 5 to 10 seconds after all skip bids. It is important that you pause so as not to transfer unauthorized information to your partner about whether you are holding a good hand or not. On January 1st the Stop card will be removed from the bidding boxes at all tournaments. Clubs are encouraged do the same but the choice is being left as a club option.”

Yes, I did see someone use it last night for the purpose of drawing partner’s attention (one supposes, anyway, since I had never previously seen that person use the stop card). My hope is that individual players would agree to not use it any more. I do not know what the club as a whole might do.

1 p.m., New Time Thursday Games

If you’ve tried to park recently for the Thursday game, you have certainly been frustrated. Tonight, the game was asked if a 1 p.m. start would be acceptable, and all agreed. We hope this will give some of the lunch crowd a chance to disperse so that parking is easier. I do not know if this is a summer change or permanent. Stay tuned.


PS: A final posting of results tonight may take a bit, since ACBL Score is continuing to misbehave. (That major Windows upgrade did some major damage.) I know Liz will get that resolved as soon as practical, and let us know the masterpoints, etc.